In order to assess suitability for various roles, it is very common for the volunteers to undergo various screening processes including police check application. There are other checks that might be required like background checks. It is a case especially if the volunteer is going to work with the populations which are vulnerable like the children, the elderly, or the persons with disabilities. It might also be required when the volunteers are responsible for driving or financial duties.

Reasons that volunteers might be required to carry out a police check or background check is due to the fact that:

  • Required by legislation where it happens to be required by law to go via a process of screening in certain industries.
  • The funding requirements where it is needed to be able to satisfy requirements for funding for the departments of government.
  • Duty of care where the organization that request a check so that you are able to meet requirements which are possible efforts which can be out to protect the clients. Organizations and the volunteers.

Discounted and free police check for volunteers

There are some organizations which have arrangements where the organization offers to pay the volunteer for their police check. They have the volunteer generally fill information, a form of consent and the requirements for identification and then submit the application on their behalf, with instructions to the return of the police certification by post to the individual.

The organizations might ask volunteers to be able to cover the crime check cost or even in requesting volunteers to go through their process in obtaining their checks. The police checks are normally discounted by the government of Australia in all the territories and states for the volunteers.

There are some states such as the South of Australia which work specifically for the vulnerable groups and it is possible for you to access the free volunteer police checks but an organization has to apply for the privilege and ensure to meet the criteria which is set by the government of Australia.

In another circumstance, the individuals might be able to get a police check for tax purposes for their work related expenses.

How long is a police certificate valid?

The police checks are normally valid at the time of issue and report only about the offense up to that date without having any expiry date. It is up to the discretion of the organization to go ahead and require an up to date police check that is to the minute updated from the volunteer or decide to accept the old check.

What does it mean to have a working with the children check?

Check for working with the children is a must in most of the territories and states in Australia for those who come in contact with children while in employment but the requirements for volunteers tend to vary and there are some jurisdictions where a check is not required.

While the police check normally discloses only the unspent current convictions, the checks for working with the children will retrieve all the information on the spent or the expired offenses plus other issues and offenses which might impact on the volunteer’s suitability to be able to work with the children