Your lawn is the first thing anyone notices whenever they visit your home. Therefore a well-maintained lawn gives a positive first impression, boosts your curb appeal, and improves your property value. If you note that the grass is greener on the other side, that is a sign that you should take your lawn care efforts a notch higher. Here are some tips to keep your lawn in pristine condition.

Mow your lawn regularly.

The easiest way to maintain your lawn in good condition is to mow it regularly. It may be challenging to keep up with, but the good news is that you can pay someone to do it whenever necessary. Some people try to mow the lawn thoroughly to ensure they have more time before returning to it, but that is not advisable. Trimming more length of the grass on your lawn is detrimental as it can weaken it. Also, take your time to collect the grass clippings after mowing if your lawn mower doesn’t have a collector at the back.

Water your lawn

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn is as simple as watering the glass and ensuring it has enough moisture and sunlight to thrive. Otherwise, the grass will die, and the flowers will wither. Invest in a reliable sprinkle system from PumpBiz, and you don’t have to water your lawn manually. You can turn it on during the early evenings to avoid scorching the grass.

Ensure drainage is perfect

Good drainage, water, and sunlight are things your lawn needs to remain in top condition. If any of the things are missing, your lawn will suffer significantly. The more people, kids, and pets walk on your lawn, the more the soil and grass compacts, affecting the drainage system. If you notice that water keeps pooling in some areas on your lawn, it is time to work o the drainage. It is as easy as aerating it with a fork.

Feed your lawn

Grass, flowers, and shrubs on your lawn need nutrients to thrive, especially if the climate in your area is not friendly. Feeding your lawn with fertilizer during spring and autumn or in the middle of the summer is advisable. Ensure the fertilizer contains essential nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate, in all the right amounts. You can also use organic compost to feed your lawn. If using fertilizer, dilute it with water and water the lawn to keep it looking its best.

Remove weeds

Just like regular plants, weeds flourish in warm wet weather, and there is a good chance your lawn is a perfect place for weeds to grow. The ideal way to ensure your lawn is free from weeds is to mow it regularly. Cutting the grass once every week or two weeks prevents weeds from getting hold and shedding seeds all over. If the weeds are well established and do not seem to end, use a natural herbicide to deprive them of their potency.

The takeaway

Maintaining your lawn in good condition is always worth it because it results in a healthier living environment.