It is difficult to quit smoking cigarettes. Recently, with the growing popularity of e-cigs, vapes, and other alternative smoking options, many consumers have been able to quit smoking cigarettes. They found they can control their nicotine intake without the negative stigma of cigarettes. Cigarettes can make your clothes smell and turn your teeth yellow. You may find it difficult to go back into the office without your coworkers noticing the smell of cigarettes on your hair, hands, and clothes. Vape juice does not have a bad cigarette smell. It can smell like watermelons, pears, peach, grape, mint, or any other flavour you can imagine. The long-term effects of vaping are still relatively unknown. However, many consumers have found they love the variety of vape juice and other electronic devices over cigarettes.

Flavours and Concentrations

Vape juice is offered in a wide range of flavours. You can find most flavours at any local vape shop or online. Do you like bubblegum or cotton candy? Do you like fruity flavours or menthol? Every available flavour is also available in different nicotine concentrations. For example, you can purchase a 3mg nicotine Strawberry or a 24mg strawberry vape juice. The best online sellers provide this variety to please their consumers and benefit from repeat business.

CBD Products

E-liquid products not only contain nicotine but can also include CBD. Like those who do not like cigarette smell, many people find vaping CBD is a much better option than smelling like marijuana. CBD flowers may not contain THC, but when burned, can smell similar. It is embarrassing showing up to a family function, workplace, or other social setting smelling like marijuana. In some instances, it could lead to dismissal like at your job. CBD is legal in the UK as long as it is derived from a UK-approved hemp-based strain. Like nicotine-based juices, CBD juices also are available in a wide variety of flavours. In some cases, you can purchase hybrid nicotine and CBD vape juice products.

Save Money

Trusted manufacturers produce quality vapour products. They are tested for quality assurance and consistency. This makes it extremely easy to continue to purchase quality products. Many consumers report they have since saved money after switching to vape products. The initial cost of purchasing a vape and vape juice is more expensive than a pack of cigarettes. However, over time, consumers found a bottle of vape juice lasts much longer than cigarettes. They can also refill their vape which lowers the cost of the initial cost with each use. By saving money, consumers can afford to do more activities with friends or put in a savings account for emergencies.