Many people ignore sunrooms in the house design. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that sunrooms are not a part of the interior house design and do not add to the total square footage of the house. Hence, it will not increase the resale value of your home by much. However, this does not mean you should not get a sunroom in your home. There are plenty of benefits of a sunroom as well. To begin with, it will allow you to create a comfortable and private nook for yourself in your home. You can use this space for creating a small beautiful garden as well. Moreover, adding a sunroom adds a feel of luxury to the space.

Types of sunrooms

Just like there are various types of interior house designs, there are various types of sunrooms. You can choose any option depending on your taste and preferences. If you are not aware of the various types of sunrooms, they are mentioned below:

Four-season room

People love opting for a four-season room or four-season porch because you can use this sunroom all year long. It comes with both heating and cooling elements. However, it can prove to be challenging in some seasons. For instance, the sunroom requires more energy during the colder climate to heat due to poor insulation. As a result, your expenses can increase.

Three-season porch

During the spring, summer, and autumn, a three-season porch or three-season room is preferred by people. Since this type of sunroom does not have heating elements, it is not considered the best option for the winter.


When glass walls are installed in a sunroom. It is called a greenhouse or a solarium. People who love to grow plants in their home decor should consider opting for a greenhouse. Your garden will always stay green and bloom.

Screened-in porch

Screen-in porches are very similar to three-season rooms. People consider it to be the perfect place for sitting if you are annoyed by bugs.

What is the ideal place for the sunroom?

The sunroom placement is important. Do not randomly build it anywhere. In most cases, people create sunrooms in their backyard. Many people build it in front of the house design as well and call it a porch. However, you should always try to create your sunroom in a place that receives maximum sunlight. Here are a few other factors that you should take into consideration when deciding the ideal place for your sunroom:

Climate: The first thing you should consider is the climate of the place where you live. For instance,  you will have to get a four-season room if the weather gets cold.

Direction: The direction is very crucial as well. Experts always suggest getting a sunroom that gets more exposure to the South. This will ensure that your sunroom receives adequate light during the winter. If the sunroom has exposure to the Northern side, there will be less light. Also, the temperature will be affected due to the exposure. Sunrooms with exposure to the southern side will stay warmer and the sunrooms with exposure to the northern side will stay cooler.

Trees that may create a shadow on the sunroom: If you have trees around the sunroom, there are chances that they might cast a shadow on it over time as its branches grow. Hence, it is better to choose a place with no trees nearby. However, if trees exist, you must trim them timely.

Materials required for a sunroom

The commonly used materials for a sunroom are vinyl, aluminum, wood, and glass. People looking for budget-friendly options choose vinyl. It offers great insulation as well. If your priority is sturdiness and durability, you should choose aluminum. However, you must keep in mind it will cost higher. Wood is chosen when building screened-in porches in older homes. Although it has an elegant and warm feel, the option is quite expensive. It may not be the best option for people looking for affordable options. People generally choose it because of its unmatched appeal. If you want to create a greenhouse or solarium in your backyard, you will require glass. Many home design service providers sell pre-fabricated solariums. You can check them out as well.

A Sunroom or full-room

This decision strictly depends on the requirements of the homeowner. While some people will benefit from a full room in their interior house design, others will benefit from a sunroom. However, many people believe that a sunroom is a better option if you are looking for cheaper alternatives. Although a sunroom is cheaper, it might not serve your purpose. Also, the return on investment on a full-room addition to your home decor is much higher compared to a sunroom. This is because this area does not get included in a home’s square footage total.