The pooja room is a ‘must have’ place in your home. It attracts positive energy into your home. Depending on the space available, you can either create your pooja space in a separate room or use only a part of another room. Irrespective of your decision, always make sure that you create a Vastu-compliant home design. One of the primary rules of creating a Vastu-compliant pooja room is that it should be in the North East direction of the house. This will make your home a more auspicious space. Moreover, you must create a well-designed pooja room to make it Vastu-compliant. There are various ways to give your pooja ghar design a stylish and appealing look. Also, you will not have to worry about spending a fortune. If you are not sure about how to build a beautiful pooja room on a budget, here are a few simple tricks that can help you:

01 of 05 Always avoid clutter

From diyas and incense sticks to plates, bells, and flowers, there are plenty of accessories in a pooja room. They are essential to make your pooja room design more appealing. However, you must ensure that you do not go overboard. Too many accessories in the pooja room can make the space appear busy and cluttered. As a result, your pooja ghar design will appear unappealing. This is considered very inauspicious. You should limit the accessories to only the essentials if you do not have a large pooja room.

The same rule must be followed when choosing the number of idols and photographs. You must not overcrowd the mandir. Keeping the idols or photographs facing each other in the mandir is considered inauspicious. To ensure that the mandir design does not appear crowded, make use of vertical space. While the idols can be placed in your mandir, the photographs can be hung on the wall. This will help in preventing clutter.

02 of 05 Stick to metallic finishes

When you are not sure about how to give your pooja room design an applying look, opt for metallic touches. Metallic touches can give any space a more elegant and sophisticated feel. Also, it creates a calm and pristine environment in the pooja room. You get lots of opportunities to add metallic touches to the interiors. For instance, you get metallic sheets, paint, wallpaper, accessories, and many more. However, you should be careful while adding them. Never make the mistake of adding metallic touches everywhere in your pooja room. Your pooja room design will appear overwhelming.

03 of 05 Introduce white Stone

A pooja room requires a calm and pristine environment. There are various ways to create this perfect mood. The colour white is one of the best options you can choose for this purpose. It is a symbol of purity. You can add it anywhere in your pooja room. Similarly, natural stones are considered a great addition to any pooja room. It can create a calm and elegant interior design for your home. By choosing white natural stones for your pooja room, you can create a space that is elegant and ideal for offering prayers. Stick to white Corian if you are on a budget. It costs less than white marble. You can incorporate into your pooja room interiors in various ways, like white flooring, walls, a mandir, etc.

Just keep in mind that a white pooja room will require more maintenance than other pooja ghar designs. This is because white gets dirty easily. If you cannot keep up with the maintenance requirements, keep your white elements to the minimum.

04 of 05 Introduce carved elements

You can make the interior design of your home more appealing by introducing carved wood. It has a rich and elegant feel. Moreover, wood is a natural material, and it is considered auspicious. Therefore, carved wood is the perfect addition to any pooja room design. It will instantly uplift the interior decor of your pooja space. However, wood is an expensive option and might not be ideal if you are looking for budget-friendly solutions. In such cases, you can skip new woodwork and opt for options where an old item is refurbished to create a new piece. It will certainly cost you much less.

05 of 05 Go for backlit panels

Backlit panels have become extremely popular in the last few years and that too, for the right reasons. They are great for adding visual interest to any home design. People mostly use them in the pooja room because it gives the space a high-end look and keeps your mandir design highlighted. You can get them customised to create any pattern of your choice to design the pooja room interiors. They are pocket-friendly and you get lots of different options.