The pooja room is one of the most essential parts of every Hindu home. Whether you are creating a separate pooja room or using some spare space in one of the rooms, you must ensure that the pooja room is designed properly so that you can offer your daily offering to God. According to Vastu, the North East direction of the house is auspicious and you should face the North or East while praying. You must not worry if you do not have sufficient space or a huge budget. There are lots of budget-friendly options available in the market that will allow you to create a beautiful pooja area even in small spaces. If you are not sure how to create the perfect Indian-style pooja room design, here are a few that will help you:

01 of 06 Make sure that the space does not appear cluttered

One of the most important things you have to take into consideration while designing a pooja room is that it should appear uncluttered. Many pooja rooms stay cluttered with idols and photographs and deities. You must refrain from doing so. Your Indian-style pooja room design should have some free space on the main platform. Further, you must create smart storage in the pooja room so that you can easily store all the pooja room essentials without causing clutter. Make sure you only store the items that are essential for pooja in your pooja room. It will help to maintain a clean and organised look.

02 of 06 Give your pooja room a metallic touch

Experts suggest giving a metallic touch to your pooja room. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that there are lots of metallic items used in the pooja room like a bell, plates, etc. Hence, the metallic finishes you add will complement the other elements in the space and create a very elegant and pristine look. However, make sure that you do not add too many metallic finishes. The metallic finishes should overwhelm the overall pooja room design. You will find plenty of options in the market to choose from like wallpapers, paints, accessories, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can either make the metals the focal element of the pooja room or just use them from the backdrop.

03 of 06 Use white stone

White is known as the colour that symbolizes purity. Using white for your Indian-style pooja room design is one of the best ideas. You can opt for a white marble touch for the pooja room. Using white marble will give your pooja room a very elegant appeal. However, it is quite an expensive option. If you want to opt for more budget-friendly options, you can choose white Corian. Although it has the same look as white stones, this material is comparatively cheaper and will feel light in the pocket. An all-white pooja room looks stunning.

04 of 06 Incorporate a few carved elements

To give your pooja room a very warm feel, you can always opt for wood. There is no other material like wood. Using wood automatically upgrades the aesthetics of a space. Wooden elements have a very elegant look and luxe vibe. Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for lots of wooden elements in the pooja room or just a few accent elements. However, you must always remember that wood can be expensive. To make the decor more budget-friendly, you can use refurbished wood in the pooja room.

05 of 06 Traceries or jaalis

Traceries or jaalis are very commonly featured in the latest pooja room designs. They help to add more character and visual interest to any space. Depending on your preferences, you can incorporate jaalis in the pooja as partitions, frames, backdrops, etc. You can give your pooja room a very traditional appeal using these jaalis. Modern manufacturing techniques allow you to create traceries on various materials and hence, you can choose almost any material for your interiors. Light up the edge of the traceries to create a more appealing look.

06 of 06 Use lights to enhance its appeal

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and tone. You can create the desired ambiance in your pooja room by choosing the right lighting fixtures. Experts suggest opting for ambient lighting instead of focus lighting. You can easily find various ambient lighting options in the market that will help to enhance the appeal of the space and make it more functional. Create a very beautiful ambiance by using backlit panels and concealed lighting. Also, install the lights strategically so that the main platform becomes the focal point of the room. Make sure that your latest pooja room design does not appear too bright or too dark.