Environmentalists all over the world have been strongly voicing for the reduction in the use of fossil fuels for two main reasons. One is that fossil fuels pose a great threat to the environment and secondly, they are not going to last forever, and hence the dependence on energy generation through fossil fuels like coal, oils and natural gas must be minimized.

Accordingly, environmentalists advocate for energy i.e. electricity generation through non-fossil fuels like sun, wind, and water besides nuclear power. These are natural, renewable, stable, and sustainable sources for electricity generation and help reduce carbon footprints as well as provide you with pocket-friendly electricity generated through fossil fuels.

Solar energy can be easily accessed, harnessed or converted, and stored for various residential, commercial, and industrial uses .by engaging one of the efficient solar installation companies like Cowlec in Melbourne.

How solar energy can be generated?

Solar energy is generated through an effective solar installation using specific solar technologies that help convert solar energy into electric or thermal energy.

Solar technologies employed for electricity generation through solar power include:

  • Photovoltaics solar panel or PV system in which solar panels are installed on rooftops that directly convert light to electricity. Solar panels or modules consist of a:
  • A layer of silicon cells
  • Metal frame
  • Glass casing unit
  • Wiring to transfer electric current from the silicon cells that are made from either crystalline silicon or thin-film semiconductor material to convert sunlight into electricity through their “Photovoltaic effect”.
  • Concentrating solar energy or power (CSP) in which lenses and mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight from a larger area into a smaller area and use this thermal energy to generate electricity to operate solar cookers, boilers, and electric turbines besides help drive utility-scale, engines and run electric turbines for electricity generation for commercial use.
  • The solar Architecture system also referred to as the Solar heating and cooling (SHC) system; concentrates thermal energy, like Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), to supply hot water for residential and commercial establishments, heating swimming pool water, and heating the air and air conditioning.

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Benefits of Solar energy

Solar energy is pollution-free, reduces carbon footprints, and causes no greenhouse gases emission after installation.

The burning of fossil fuel that comes from decomposed plants adversely increases greenhouse gases that affect the environment as these gases are trapped in the atmosphere of earth to cause climatic changes and raise global warming issues.

Solar energy is an efficient alternative and replaces fossil fuels which prove expensive for generating electricity whereas solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and clean besides being absolutely safe and far less expensive.

Uses of solar energy

Solar power generated through thermal technologies can be of immense use for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes, such as:

  • Electric production
  • Water heating
  • Cooking
  • Washing Drying laundry
  • Solar water heating for swimming pools
  • Space heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Transportation
  • Water treatment
  • Solar thermal desalination
  • Running Solar power pumps
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Energy Storage Charging batteries

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