Do gays behave oddly? Could they be accountable for multiplication of AIDS? Obtain the details below once we unearth more myths about homosexuality.

Homosexuals have certain quirks. False. Like several people, homosexuals their very own share of quirks. However, the peculiar condition of some homosexuals isn’t unique for this particular pattern of behavior. Additionally, it seems in other categories of people. The truth that certain homosexuals exhibit one trait might be incidental and also have no relationship whatsoever towards the very nature of homosexuality.

For example, two studies demonstrated that lots of homosexual women and men remain-handed. Performs this imply that all lefties have homosexual habits? To state same with like stating that all handsome women and men will finish as celebrities which all slim men and women become fashion models. This really is crazy. As Dr. Sandra F. Witelson, professor of psychiatry at McMaster College in Hamilton, Ontario, stated in Medical Facets of Sexuality:

“We’ve lately proven a greater prevalence of left-handedness in homosexual women and men compared to the overall population. Similar outcome was found individually inside a study of homosexual men in the uk. However, sexual orientation can’t be predicted by hands preference. There are other left-handed individuals the populace (about 30 %) than homosexuals (about five percent), indicating that many left-handers aren’t homosexual. In addition, some homosexuals are right-handed. Additionally, left-handedness might not be apparent by casual observation, as it is measured not just by the hands utilized in writing but additionally by hands preference in other manual tasks.”

One interesting quirk that heterosexuals can study from homosexuals, however, is honesty in the area of sexual communication. Dr. Joel W. Wells from the College of Northern Iowa stated that gay women and men seem to be more open with regards to sex. Such openness ensures they are more inclined to have more satisfaction inside a relationship.

Wells interviewed 120 college students – 60 straight women and men, and 60 gay women and men – and it was impressed by the honesty by which gays conveyed their sexual wants to their partners – a key point within the enjoyment of sex.

“With regards to sexual communication, gays might have a benefit over straights. Wells discovered that gay men and lesbians spoken using their intimate partners about intercourse more frequently than did heterosexual women and men, plus they were also considerably more prone to agree with which test is erotic – and for their services having a lover. Wells believes that heterosexual couples could boost their sexual relationship by understanding how to share the word what they consider erotic or arousing,” stated the editors of Medical Facets of Human Sexuality.

AIDS is really a homosexual disease. False. Although AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) was initially discovered within the homosexual community, anybody can acquire the disease no matter their sexual preference. Our prime-risk groups include if perhaps you are individuals with multiple partners, individuals using non-sterile hypodermic needles, infants born to moms using the AIDS virus, and infected bloodstream transfusions. So don’t be misled into believing that simply because you are not homosexual, you will not get AIDS. Actually, the planet Health Organization stated that most individuals with AIDS worldwide got the condition from heterosexual – not homosexual – sexual intercourse.

“AIDS isn’t a disease only of homosexuals. AIDS can be found in heterosexual people too. AIDS isn’t a black or white-colored disease. AIDS isn’t just men disease. AIDS can be found in women it can be found in children. The chance of infection increases based on the quantity of sexual partners you have, man or woman. The greater partners you’ve, the higher the chance of being have contracted the AIDS virus,” based on the US Surgeon General’s Set of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (Next: Reasons for homosexuality.)