The time may come in a person’s life where they feel it’s time to say goodbye to their life as they know it and begin a new chapter. For one reason or another, a person may feel like they need to change pace, move to a different location, or start living according to a new lifestyle. Maybe they want a fresh start after a life of regrets or mistakes. A variety of events could serve as a significant turning point for people that makes them want to start over—leaving an old job for a better one, seeking adventure, cutting ties with toxic family members and friends, or getting out of a problematic relationship.

The life factors that precipitate a personal restart can vary from individual to individual, but for everyone, the decision to start over isn’t one to make lightly. Making significant life changes isn’t ever easy, but you can have some peace during such transitions and save yourself some money throughout with proper preparation. Listed below are ways to save big when starting over.

Create and follow a reasonable budget and financial plan.

Survey results reveal that money is the primary source of stress for many people in the U.S., as most Americans worry about their finances more than they worry about their family, health, and work. Drafting a new budget or changing an existing one and setting monetary goals can be the best way for people to spend their money in practical ways and save more.

While money may not buy happiness, having some saved could help give you a sense of security when restarting your life. Allocating funds to go toward your usual household expenses and saving the rest can keep you from spending too much money while allowing you to have extra money saved for household and medical emergencies, pay cuts, or layoffs and termination.

If moving is part of your plans for starting over, budgeting will be especially crucial for helping you avoid spending too much money furnishing your new home. When making purchases, it’s vital to consider the prices of items and their importance. Prioritize essentials like a bed, mattress, pillows, and linens, as well as chairs, tables, kitchenware, and more. You can get your money’s worth on necessities like mattresses by buying them at the highest quality from a reputable brand that offers competitive prices. Sealy, for example, provides memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses, and Posturepedic mattresses that can maximize comfort and sleep quality. Consider getting a durable, high-quality Sealy Posturepedic mattress for optimal rest in your new home.

Consider more affordable and less traditional home options.


When starting over, keep in mind that your tastes may change, and you may have a new perspective of what home means to you. Moving to a new place may not necessarily mean renting or buying an apartment or a house—your new home could be a recreational vehicle (RV).

Getting an RV to live in is a great way to save big while starting over, as it typically costs less to live in an RV than it does to live in traditional properties. RV owners, for instance, can usually save money on utility payments, electricity bills, rentals, and more. In addition to being a money-saver, RV living gives people the chance to live more flexibly, as RV owners can live and visit anywhere they want and even drive across the country at any time they please.

Instead of buying a new RV from an auto dealership, consider participating in an RV auction. Bidding on a used RV at an RV auction enables you to spend less money than you would if you bought a new RV. An internet search for ‘RV auctions near me‘ can result in you finding a reputable online marketplace that auctions high-quality, used RVs in good condition at reasonable prices.

Find affordable services that can help you remove reminders of the past.

When giving your life a makeover, it can be freeing to do the same for your outer appearance. For example, coloring or cutting your hair as you remove stressors from your life can help you look as good as you feel. Removing physical reminders of your past may also be in your best interest if a failed relationship was the catalyst for your decision to start over. If you have a tattoo that matches one your former partner has, for example, having it removed could give you peace of mind. Seeking cheap tattoo removal services can help you affordably eliminate unwanted tattoos that remind you of someone or something you wish to forget.

Starting over in life is a significant decision that can involve practical planning and thinking quickly on your feet, exercising creativity, and keeping an open mind about the experiences you may have and the new life you’ll live. When you choose to leave everything behind, you may be losing predictability and comfort as you once knew it, but you can gain a new sense of life without having to break the bank.