The environment is the most significant life support for human beings and animals alike. However, pollution of every kind is pushing its sustenance. If we do not conserve nature, we animals, plants, and humans will face an environmental crisis.

Trees top the list of the most critical elements in conservation issues. And as the world realized the role of trees, organizations emerged to sensitive people on the importance of planting trees, and conserving the existing ones.

One of the most ingenious ways to encourage people to conserve trees is to teach them how to earn from forests, and related vegetation. This primer aims to help you learn how to make a living or earn extra money from trees without having to cut them down.  If you have had to buy carbon credits, lease land for game activities, you have a rough idea of what I’m about to take you through.

Just before you nurture your income expectations. . .

Trees are a potential financial asset. However, before you count your chickens, it’s critical to have realistic expectations. Consider the following for the land you want to grow trees;

  • Location

Not all parcels of land will bring you lucrative business. Where is the land located? Is it close to your target market or will you spend a fortune before earning? If the land is far off, your energy bills may be too high before getting your product to the buyer.

  • Land size

The more acreage covered by trees, the more the profit.  Invest in a sizable piece of land to maximize profit. However, this is not cast on stone. You may have a small portion that is well utilized and managed to give unmatched yields.

  • Forest type

Do you intend to earn from young or mature trees? If you are in a storm-prone region, targeting to earn from mature tree cover may be unrealistic because the forest is constantly under fire or natural threats. If you intend from hardwood trees, you may have to wait longer, because these types take longer to mature. On the other hand, softwood trees sprout faster, thus earning you an income soon.

How to Earn From Trees

  • Leasing forested area

You can lease your land for gaming activities such as hunting sprees, horse riding, or scenic tourism. Depending on the features of the land, you can consider other activities such as biking, hiking, and skiing.

  • Non-timber products

You may consider making money from growing mushrooms, syrup-producing species such as maple, Amarula, and others. Creating a specialty in particular syrup can be a lucrative tree product business.

  • Carbon credits and sequestration

There exist companies that purchase “carbon credit” to offset their pollutants’ emissions. Large corporations are required to quantify their greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide from the products they manufacture.

When their emissions exceed the stipulated amount, they pay tree owners in their carbon sequestration for the difference. This is a lucrative business a farmer can pursue.

Be smart and earn more from trees beyond the traditional methods of deforestation.