From family memories and milestones to important paperwork like college transcripts, it’s important to document your life story. Whether for practical or sentimental purposes, keeping documentation of the big moments and achievements of your life is something few people would ever regret. The trouble can be just how much room these hard copy items can take up.

If you’ve got piles of photo boxes, scrapbooks, or even important paperwork, there are ways you can store these precious and important moments without taking up much space. For ways to store your important life moments and memories, read on.

Using Cloud Services and Apps for Photos

If you’re like most people, you have piles of photo gifts, scrapbooks, Walmart photo packages, framed prints, and even Snapfish coffee mugs all over the house to celebrate those special moments in your life. While these personalized memories and moments are great for looking back, they can add up to clutter and become overwhelming.

If you’re wondering what to do with those photo books, canvas prints, and even your favorite photo that now lays in a box with the rest of your memories, the first thing to do is pull them out and begin organizing. Start by making piles of photographs and memories you hope to keep and throwing out the rest. Before throwing anything out, do a Google search for an unlimited storage cloud. In scanning the photos you don’t need in hard copy, you’ll still be able to preserve them safely on the World Wide Web.

When going through your memories, find your favorite photos and put them to the side. After doing your memory organizing, you might find you hope to make copies for friends and family as gifts. Or, you might find you’d like a favorite in a matte finish. Plan to take those favorites to a local store later on. While it’ll be great to have a massive file of digital memories, you’ll still want some memories for the wall. A simple Google search for ‘print photos near me‘ will point you in the direction of places you can print photos affordably.

Storing Important Paperwork


As you run through your favorite memories, you’ll likely come across important documents, too. Scan everything you’ll want to hang on to. Maybe you’re involved in a trial and need to store electronic case files or a trial docket sheet so that you can stay organized for your lawyer. You can use that same unlimited cloud with a new folder to scan in the documents you’ll need to win a favorable verdict.

When considering what important documents to upload to your storage cloud, don’t forget your passport, birth certificate, social security card, transcripts, and medical records. In storing them in a cloud accessible by password, you’ll be able to access them during travel or anywhere at all.

Creating Digital Scrapbooks and Memorials


Digital scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories. Often used as memorial tributes, these simple videos can be uploaded to YouTube, or even shared clouds, to last forever. Try a search for apps that will help you create a personal photos video, and you could find yourself entertained for hours. A digital scrapbook makes a great personal gift for loved ones, too. They can be used to celebrate all occasions on top of being another practical way to store the things that matter most to you.

At the end of the day, the people, memories, circumstances, and achievements of our life are a big part of what defines us. Storing photos, dockets, passport photos, and even old report cards and transcripts can be great ways to document the ups and downs of our life story. In taking the time to get organized and compiling important tokens of moments in one place, not only will they be easier to find, but they will be safe from being damaged or destroyed.