The world is changing and so is the method of education. Gone are the days when there used to be one classroom and a single curriculum was used to teach every student. Parents have started home schooling their children, schools have started ditching the single curriculum and education is becoming more of a personal experience for kids. While there is still time in when every student will learn what they want to learn, and classroom structures will not look like what they look like today. So, if you want to be a tutor who is advanced and follows a modern way of teaching, start treating each student individually and forget those traditional styles of teaching.

If you want to be an advanced educator, and want to give your students the best education, below are some tips and ways that you can follow to be an extra ordinary teacher.

Be Present

These days, more than a lecture, students look for an educator who is present for them. Students before used to be shy and wouldn’t ask questions, but the children of today are more curious and require answers to everything. A sign of a good teacher is that they are present even if it is an online classroom. When you are off your class timings, assure your students that you are present for them and that they can ask you questions any time. This way a comfort zone is built for students and they don’t shy out in reaching out to you anymore. A good teacher keeps reassuring their students of their presence.

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Let the Students Work

Gone are the days when teachers used to do all the work, convey the lecture and leave the classroom. As we discussed, the method of teaching has changed and will be changing with time. It is best to let the students do all the work and engage in content as long as they can. This way they will develop their own understanding of the topic and won’t have any other influenced perspective. Also, when you let the students find and discuss resources, grade their own assignments, and hold student-led discussions in their classes or online platforms, they develop more confidence and understand things better. Being an educator, you should be there to clear their concepts and explain to them what they find complicated.

Build a Supportive Community

Community building is a very important aspect of life and students should be taught to communicate and socialize. Keep the classroom open for discussions and encourage the students into discussions and sharing their thoughts. While some students shy out, this is the best way to bring out the shy ones and help them build confidence. Teach the students empathy and support, and create a healthy environment where the students can voice their concerns. Create groups within the class where students can engage and have discussions. Helping build confidence in the shy ones is what will make you an extra ordinary teacher.

Give and Take Feedback

Hold feedback sessions at the end of every week where you give your feedback to the students and the students give out their feedback. From teaching methods, to environment, to the content, ask the students to give you feedback about everything, every week. Taking feedback from students can help you grow in your profession and it gives the students a sense of importance, which builds confidence in them.

Make Personal Relationships with Students

Very fewer teachers do this, but understanding each student and having a personal relationship with them is important. It makes the student feel comfortable around you and they start sharing their concerns directly with you. This helps you understand each student’s way of learning and understanding things and then you can mould your way of teaching in a way that they understand. This is what will make you a good teacher because the worst thing a teacher can do to their students is not have a relationship with them.

Conduct Collaborative Projects

Conduct group collaborative projects and cctivities that can teach the students decision-making and leadership. Kids grow to be healthier and practical when they are taught to make decisions from an early age. Teach them to work together in groups so that they learn leadership and team building skills and make them feel like their opinion matters. This builds self-esteem in students and they don’t feel controlled. The best educators are those who don’t impose theories upon the students but teach the theories to them in a practical way which is more understandable. Also, more project based learning is a healthy way of teaching students because the world ahead of these kids is very advanced, and they need more than just theory.

The worst things that the educators from the past did was control their students, which lowered the whole generation’s self-esteem and confidence. Let us not repeat the mistakes of our folks by imposing theories on students, because teachers are supposed to be facilitators to growing individuals who have the whole world ahead of them.