Every cat lover will agree that there is a way the feline friend leaves a pawprint on their hearts. The tiny furry creatures fill your days with amusement and fun. A cat’s agility and calm nature will teach you how to take life easy, sleeping it off when you are not busy working hard or playing hard. What perfect way to reminisce on all those sofa cuddles and sleeping poses other than with custom-made photobooks?

Your cat’s independent nature makes your adventures endless, creating a perfect companion and a lovable bundle of joy. The furry friends are also ideal for creating that exciting photo book you can carry around everywhere you go or stock it in your pet stockings.

Ideas to think of for feline lovers

Thinking of creating a pet album featuring your kitty that will amuse and intrigue other fur lovers? These are some of the ideas you can use:

  •         Birthday celebration

Nothing makes your cat adorable like strapping a birthday hat on him and enjoying his special day. You can use the birthday theme for your entire photo book, making all the cat’s birthdays memorable and unique. You can capture the various silly reactions as the purring creature plays with the wrapping papers or the ribbons to add pomp and fun to your photo selection.

  •         The cat’s first day with your family

The first day the kitty officially joins your family is always filled with exciting and memorable moments. Your cat will inspire your several awe moments as he sniffs and climbs on everything in its way. 

  •         Incorporate amusing feline quotes 

When you spend several hours with your cat, you will be able to interpret the look on his face. In professing your love to your friend, you might come up with funny cat quotes to match the thoughts to the delightful, surprised, and most annoying reactions. The quotes will be a perfect way to spark a conversation when you have an audience. You might end up getting several other interesting feline quote suggestions.

  •         Capture your cat’s ‘nine lives

A cat’s evolution from a tiny kitten to a majestic cat is a memorable journey. Every photo you take from the moment you brought in the cat as part of your family will give your photo book enough material. Showcasing the feline’s photos from a tiny playful kitten to the big cat he is will melt everyone’s hearts, including yours. Pick out the cat’s most active and quirky moments. Your cat’s unique traits will make your album memorable and entertaining.

  •         Unusual friendships

Cats tend to have unusual friendships. Has your furry friend struck a unique friendship with your pet bird or dog? You may include in your photo book photos of your cat’s friends to remind your folks that friends come in different sizes and species.

  •         Fashion sense

If you always feel intrigued to dress up your cat in shimmering outfits or fancy your cat in fashionable outfits, you have a theme to work on. Your cat’s fashion sense can be an exciting theme for your photo book. Whatever your outfit choices, you can always excite your audience, highlighting your cat’s fashion sense.

A photo book is an exciting way to celebrate the cat’s contribution to your family’s memorable moments. Do not fret if you have no idea how to create one, MixBook has everything you need.