Home furnishings refer to the fabric that you use on your cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, beddings, headboards and lampshades. Who says you must do a massive makeover and spend a bomb to spruce up your space this summer? Just remember that it’s the little details that matter. By choosing the perfect soft furnishings for your space you can change the mood of your room and breathe life into it.

Clueless about home furnishings? Lucky for you, we have brought to you 6 tips that will make you a pro at choosing the perfect soft furnishings for your home.

  1. Pick the right colour

You can consider going for soft furnishings in jewel colours if you want your space to look luxurious and chic. Similarly, if you want a small space to look spacious, then it is recommended that you go for soft furnishings in bright colours which will open up the room. If your walls are quirky and loud, then you can balance them by going for soft furnishings in neutral hues which will provide a rich contrast to the walls.
A pro tip is to pick accent colours from your home and buy soft furnishings that belong to the same colour palette.

  1. Match it with your décor style 

Pay attention to the theme of your house and decide on the texture, colour and pattern of your soft furnishings accordingly. You must choose soft furnishings that continue the home décor theme or else they will clash with each other and make your guest feel disoriented and confused when they enter your home.
People who have a bohemian themed house can include home furnishing with tribal, folklore motifs in bright colours.

  1. Pay attention to the patterns

Your fabrics can tell a tale. So, make sure that you present an interesting narrative to your guests. Choose large patterns if you want to make a larger space look less intimidating and cosier. Similarly, choose small motifs while decorating a smaller room.

  1. Feel the fabric 

Before you buy any fabric material, make sure that you feel the fabric and see if it feels soft and comfortable. Since you would be spending most of your time lounging on your living room chair and sleeping for hours on your bed after a hectic workday, you must choose soft furnishings of high quality that also feel cosy.  Go for a washable fabric material like linen and cotton for high traffic areas like your living room and silk, velvet and suede for low traffic areas like your study or your bedroom.

  1. Add texture 

A home furnishing rule that your interior designer will never tell you is to add different textures through your home furnishings. Textures add depth, character and a 3D effect to your space. A pro tip is to choose smooth textures if you want to make your space look minimalist and contemporary. Similarly, if you want to give a rustic, countryside feels to your home, then go for rough textures that will imitate the imperfection of nature and wilderness.

  1. Mix and Match 

Don’t shy away from mixing different patterns when it comes to your home furnishings. You can either mix different stripes patterns like ginghams, checkered or plaids. You can have subtle changes in your patterns or use the same colour but different patterns for your cushions, bedding and throws. A pro tip is to remember that less is more and not have more than 3 patterns in a room. This will ensure that your space doesn’t look too cluttered and overwhelming.

Home furnishings add comfort warmth and emotions to your bare furniture and breathe life into them.
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