One of the biggest challenges that anyone faces are preparing food for toddlers. Toddlers can be fussy and feeding them can also be very difficult. Hence, planning a meal for your child can become an issue. If your toddler is very choosy, then making your child eat what you cook can be difficult. You can choose different recipes for your child. It is also an age where children learn to develop taste and try out new things and dishes. There are some very simple recipes for kids that are available online. Here are some recipes that you can prepare for your fussy toddler.

Baked Vegetables

Children are very fussy when it comes to eating their vegetables. You can bring a twist to the vegetables by baking them. You can mash the vegetables and mix them with cheese, lightly beaten eggs, and milk. You can bake all these together. This makes a delicious and filling meal for your toddler. You can also hide the greens if your child does not like greens.

Homemade Snacks for Toddlers

Toddlers need to eat every 3-4 hours a day. This includes all the meals and snacks. Hence, you can try various options with poultry and fish. You can make fish fingers, mashed chicken, chicken soup, vegetable cutlets, etc. You can cook these snacks by mashing vegetables and meat together and make a dish that your toddler cannot say no to. These snacks are healthy and filling that your toddler will love to have on his or her own.

Vegetable Puree or Mashed Rice

When you are giving your toddler rice, you may want to mash it. Mashing the rice makes it easy for the toddlers to eat and enjoy their meal. Toddlers are very impatient and do not like to eat their meals for a long time. They would rather play than eat food. Hence, you can mash the rice for your child. You can also prepare vegetable puree by grinding all the vegetables such as beetroot, greens, etc. The puree is also very easy to make and your child can eat it quickly.

Apart from these recipes, there are many other toddler recipes that you can try to make sure that your toddler finishes his or her food. However, make sure that you are giving enough duration between the meals so that your toddler is hungry enough to finish the food. You should also ensure that the gaps are not too much as the child can get cranky and irritated and may throw tantrums to eat.

You also be creative and try different recipes for your toddler. Your toddler can try different textures, flavors, etc. to develop their taste buds. This will also help in giving them more choices in food items. So, start whipping out some delicious recipes for your child and let him or her enjoy every meal he or she eats.