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Yoshida confirms PS4 DOES have DRM

A video started circulating on March 30th, 2014 displaying an anonymous PS4 user irritated at his sudden discovery that his games could not be played without an internet connection. He attempted to play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Sound Shapes, and Flower which indicated that these were all digital titles none of which were able to launch displaying a message stating “Cannot start the application. The PS4 is not connected to the internet and cannot verify the license for the application”

(it should be noted that this may be an issue with setting the console to primary)

Now many xbox fanboys rejoiced with this news as it would end a month filled with layoffs and exposés with another lie from Sony. Many playstation fanboys immediately went into speculation citing that he could be trying to do a liscense transfer and failed or that it was an elaborate hoax in an attempt to disavow the system. But Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, took to twitter to answer the question of a loyal fan.



Apparently the Playstation 4 does have a form of DRM, but only for digital games and they have done so since 2006 which is very interesting as Sony clearly advertised their console as not having any DRM and did not specify that they were talking about on disc based games.


(it should be noted that there are many fake images like this, but we believe this one to be legitimate)


It should be noted that on the Xbox One, your single player games that are bought digitally do work even when disconnected from the internet. Ironically, they used this as a selling point compared to the Xbox One which when debuted at E3 was lambasted by the gaming community for having 24 hour check ins which was later removed. And now its the Xbox One with the most lenient policy on DRM out of both systems. Sony most likely thought that as the probability of a person who buys all their games digitally not having internet is so small that no one would ever notice. But we did and now its time for the people to know the truth.


Playstation’s DRM policy does not account for 3rd party games, but since Sound Shapes is a first party title we don’t know. In the mean time, I’d delay your purchase of digital games until we get some more word on this from Sony and if they will change their policy


What do you think about all this? Does this matter to you or do you think Sony should pay the piper?


EDIT: Apparently some readers are getting message twisted here. The video is of no importance and serves no purpose other than to act as a lure for Yoshida to address the issue that the PS4 does in fact have DRM. Anyone with half a brain already knew this but we as gamers have demonized the concept of DRM to the point where if any does exist we freak out. When the PS4 was marketed as a DRM free machine, gamers bought into that concept unknowing that it only applied to disc based games and not their digital purchases. This article is to serve as an informative outlet for others to realize that DRM does exist on both consoles, but in different manners


In the event that Mr. Yoshida should choose to delete his tweet, we screencapped a copy