Wii U

Wii U Will Not Turn On, Blinking Red Light.


Could This be the Red Ring of Death? Or the Red flash of Mayhem! Since the Wii U launch November 18 2012 there have been many complaints of the Wii U’s “Blinking Light”  in a Forum on techforums.nintendo.com The Forum received 6,145 Views Although the “blinking light” issue seems to be a silenced issue, according to the forum the issue may be with the Power supply or overheating.Nintendo Has yet to address this issue,as the problem continue to arise. Along with nothing to address the issue Nintendo’s approach is to send Customers refurbished Consoles with all Data lost.

“Just received my wii u back. They sent me a refurbished console and game pad, with no explanation of my original console’s failure. All my data was lost. I am very dissapointed they didn’t take the time to transfer my data to the “new” system.”- TAMPA-DB 








  Source ‘http://techforums.nintendo.com/message/93669 ’

Thomas says:

Mine did that, was caused by the fan not spinning, the system would turn off and wouldn’t come back on until I removed the Wii U from the power socket and re-plugged back in. Mine had a spider decide to make a home in my unit which caused the webs to stop the fan moving. The fan seems to be really sensitive. I had to manually move my fan (I used something like a pen) and then the fan kicked back up. Never had a problem since (and I make sure my console is clean of spiders).