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Titanfall releasing on Wii U alongside Xbox 360 version

According to various industry insiders and several of our sources, a Wii U port of the Microsoft exclusive game Titanfall is to be released on April 8th alongside the delayed release of the Xbox 360 version. Nintendo has paid a substantially large fee to EA to sway the mech-shooter over to the struggling platform but Nintendo believes that they would not only be able to satisfy the Nintendo faithful, but also draw some sales to the Wii U with a cheaper buy in cost than the Xbox One.

Bluepoint Games, the same developer of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, is responsible for the port and has been delaying the Xbox 360 version of the game by EA’s wishes so the two versions can launch side by side. There is still no word as to whether or not a PS4 version is on the way despite numerous claims that there will be no version for Sony’s system, but as Nintendo has been able to secure this title I see no reason why Sony cannot do the same. This agreement has been very hush-hush as part of the deal with EA to prevent a decline in sales of the Xbox One with only a handful of developers and executives in the know of this deal. EA is to make an announcement at the end of the month announcing the port for the Wii U.

It’s definitely a smart move for Nintendo as they would be able to have a very hot title, despite a downgrade, on their platform which is something Sony has yet to gain on their platform. Also with a cheaper price tag than the Xbox One, the buy-in cost for next-gen systems is substantially lower with a $310 price tag as opposed to a $500 cost. This is also a step in the right direction for Nintendo to rekindle their relationship with EA and bring third party titles back to the system on a regular basis. But the real question is why would Microsoft be fine with this port as they did sign a contract with EA to keep the game exclusive. Perhaps its that they don’t consider the Wii U a threat to sales or just that as long as their direct competition does not receive the system-selling game they are fine with it.

Tell us what you think about this? Is this a good move for Nintendo? Will there be a Sony port of Titanfall now?

Happy April Fools!!