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MP3 Support, DLNA and more features to follow on 2nd PS4 update

Though there have been a few missteps on Sony’s behalf  from the recent FAQ post riddled with mistakes of no MP3 support, No DLNA support, and a few other features that are not 1376587_10151804945682804_1385326579_navailable at launch.  We were able to speak to a Sony rep today about if any of these features could be implemented in the near future and much to our surprise we have received a “Yes“. The future update that is in process to be rolled out shortly after the PS4′s launch(November 15th) will include the following detailed features listed below:

  • Legacy headset support
  • Mp3 support for not only in-game but non gaming as well.
  • Suspend and resume play feature
  • DLNA support for media such as (streaming Mp3, Videos etc.)

All of these features are set to hit PS4′s consoles by late 2013- to early 2014. Which we hope Sony will deliver sooner upon. From what we know these features are being packed in the 2nd forth coming PS4 firmware update.  Also these details were hinted today when Shuhei Yoshida  made a post on twitter stating that he had a discussion with other PlayStation 4 development team members about received feedback. With this news being provided Those these features are a definite step in the right direction. We were still unable to confirm future external hard drive support for media or game data would be supported later on. lastly we’re still waiting to hear if there will be future YouTube support for video sharing. What do you think of this good news do you think Sony still needs more features to claim the living room in this next gen console war? comment below let us know.


heyghueys says:

You’re all virgins. Get out of your parents houses.

T says:

yoshida was tweeted about this article, it’s bullshit…move along.

AyoXV says:

He Never responded to this article he was only sent it

jc says:

now its sony that is doing a 180 ;)

rothbart says:

Where has anyone ever confirmed MP3 support would be added in the “2nd PS4 update”. Actually, when has anyone ever confirmed anything about a “2nd PS4 update”. This comes off as complete speculation but you’re passing it off as if it’s a well known fact. A well known fact from a site I’ve never heard of while all the sites I have heard of aren’t reporting anything of the sort…

Darius says:

I hate hearing people say just use the system for games. Of course that’s what I’m going to do, but a lot of other media is important to me. I hope they have web browsing and video playing during game play. It would be good to watch a trailer or browse the net whilst waiting for your mates to join your lobby. I agree I want external HDD support as well. It would be good for PS to be open to player stats and achievements if players choose so they can share signatures or stats on Raptr.

Ghost666 says:

So where can I read that DLNA will be implemented in the future?

Mox says:

Wait up guys! It is sure that the external HD is needed! But, Sony wanted to have a good gaming plateform at the first place! And 500 Go will need a little time to fill. The time we fill it, I’m pretty sure that Sony will release a patch to make external hard drive working. Sony is not stupid, it only make effort to the right place, making the gaming console work properly. After it will add new features like mp3 compatible, external hard drive compatibility… This is only what I think, hope Sony confirm it!

Deadpoolio says:

External HDDs do work…..For everything except installing game data….The 500gb HDDs in the PS4 also aren’t going to last that long with the size of games installs now…Killzone is 45gb, BF4 is 45gb, COD is like 42gb. It would behoove anyone worried about HDD space to actually go get a replacement drive, I already have a 1tb ready to go

DaveBG says:

Headline says DLNA to follow, there’s no mention of DLNA in the list from Sony?

Metoo says:


Canceled both my PS4 pre-orders and ordered a 2nd XboxOne.

Go Microsoft…Sony sux.

John Candy says:

Only a dumbass would cancel rather than simply sell at launch, making you a liar or a fool

Xclan says:

lol look at these xbox fanboys complaining about who is greedy lol and fake canceling console because of crappy mp3 playback that was easy to just patch in you guys should be worried about battlefield and call of duty not being 1080p now that’s something to cancel console over you bunch of lairs wonder who you guys thing youre fooling lol

Joey T says:

Right, because there are plenty of Xbox One preorders going around. You are probably just an Xbox fanboy pretending you had a PS4 preorder so you can make it look like someone who would order two PS4s would be soooo upset by a trivial feature being removed. Also, your Go Microsoft, Sony sux line kind of gives away the fact that you never had PS4′s reserved to begin with.

Last thing, if it was really that big of a deal, and you could afford to buy two PS4s, you are an idiot for not reselling them if you didn’t really want them.

robfer says:

Hmm You know that One doesn’t support external hard drive at launch, right? and, in this case, also can’t replace internal hard drive as PS4.

Deadpoolio says:

I actually wont be shocked when the One80 on supports official Micro$haft branded external HDDs…..That way they can sell you a 300gb for $150-175, It’s totally something that Micro$haft would do just o make sure your not giving your money to someone else…..I can’t believe I used to love the 360, just because Micro$haft are such tool bags

zippycup says:

thank you for cancelling and going to xbone we gamers on the psn wont be missing winy little baby’s like you crying over something so trivial

John says:

WE NEED EXTERNAL HDD SUPPORT just like with the PS3!!!! God fucking dammit sony! How can you remove a feature from the PS3, one of the BEST features you stupid cunts!! I was all set to buy one for Christmas, but now I’m not buying one until external HDD is supported! NO fucking way you greedy shit cunts!

Arch says:

The PS3 does not have external hard drive support either. You can use removable devices for playback of movies etc but you can not use it to install games on (extending the drive), that is exactly what the PS4 is doing.

asdf says:

stfu you entitled piece of shit.

zippycup says:

troll much it does support external hard drives you cunt what it does not support and neither did the ps3 is installing games on external hdd and playing from there but it will play music and videos from hd

i shouldn’t have answered you because your post is just stupid getting mad over something so trivial since you can just put a terabyte drive on the ps4 if space was an issue

and if you can get a xbone instead we rely don’t need dumb asses like you on psn thank you

Deadpoolio says:

JESUS IT”S ALREADY GOD DAMN THERE….The only thing you can’t do is install game data to an external HDD, that is exactly what they meant when they said it doesn’t support externals, outside of that it works exactly that damn same as the PS3…Why does everything need to be spelled out for stupid people

Will Dearborn says:

This is good to hear but got anymore proof of this “Sony rep”. Most people aren’t willing to believe a random site on their word.