How to use Kill Shot Bravo Hacking Script – First Try

Hello, I’m very happy to notify you we is now prepared and finished up focusing on Kill Shot Bravo compromise to be used works survived more than two weeks but it was worthwhile we’ve designed the sole useful compromise. Can be acquired on 2 varieties of iOS and tools Android however, we are focusing on increasing the present with fresh software, using Kill Shot Bravo hack on you root link or don’t need jailbreak so ours tips is not compound to-use just has a basic Flash cable. We noticed since we’ve added the capability to encode relationship using proxy anonymous that the participants are involved about your bill within the game. To the new version numbered V2 we have included several bonuses that have been not in the earlier Kill Shot Bravo crack tool version including the chance of endless power to your personality online-which beats on your own scalp all of those other programs of the kind, hereafter evaluation intimately the cheat complete articles.
Kill shot BRavo Hack Couchjokeyz
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ Officially Released Trailer

Fangirling as hard as I possibly can. I promise not to get too out of control. Yeah, right. If you don’t already know, the trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been released! Yes my friends, there is going to be a reboot.
CouchJockeyz - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The reboot is directed by the “action director”, Michael Bay. He has done work for the Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor, the Transformers franchise and a list of horror flicks also. Megan Fox will be starring in the film as April O’Neil, the group’s best buddy.
Many people aren’t really down for this, but after viewing the trailer, I think minds have been changed. I am so incredibly hyped for this, you are not even on the same cloud high. Calming down now. The trailer honestly isn’t bad at all. It actually grabs attention.
This is a trailer about Mutant Ninja Turtle
The trailer starts off with an over-voice. The voice I believe, belongs to Master Splinter. He is talking to April about the origins of the turtles. There are clips of a city falling a apart from crime. Splinter (I think) goes on to say the city is falling apart and it needs heroes. But he states that heroes are not born, they are made. Apparently April’s father and Splinter, have been in the lab cooking up mutant turtles for heroes. To me that’s pretty awesome. Ninja turtles? That’s a new take on heroes. The trailer shows Splinter pulling a sheet from a tube of some sort, in his lab. Then Splinter is facing something with a mask on. It cuts to a scene where April is underground. Someone or something is fighting a group of criminals. She is recording the whole thing on her smartphone. As the trailer progresses, we see some action from the turtles. Michelangelo is fighting someone on a sloping mountain of snow. He glides down, hitting a truck with his shell, shouting ‘WOOOOO’. I was so excited at that part. I mean come on, he glides down in perfection. The slow motion made it even better. Then the title of the movie flashes across the screen. But wait, it’s not done yet. In all his leading glory, Leonardo falls from the sky. He sticks a perfect landing, holding his swords. Lord, Thank you for that. April backs up out of fear (of losing her mind), and bumps into Michelangelo. I love that turtle. He can make a can of tuna funny. She turns around and is shocked. He tells to “No, no, Whoa, whoa chill, don’t freak out, it just a mask”. He then removes it. The fact that he thought that would calm her down, made the whole situation more hilarious. It didn’t however convince her, she fainted on impact. Then the big, bad credits roll.

From what has been seen, the turtles look good. They are in the right roles. The back story is definitely different. We are used to the rat and the turtles swimming around in radioactive ooze. So these little changes are very much noticeable. But that doesn’t really take away from the movie possibly being good. As we all know in comics, back stories and certain details change. The changes have to fit with whatever the new story presents. We are not strangers to this. Well, at least to the comic book readers. Don’t judge it harshly yet. Watch it and the give a judgement. I honestly think it will be great. Michael Bay only disappointed me once. That reboot of Elm Street, was the worst thing to happen since Shaq as a superhero. I am being terribly serious.

All in all, the trailer looks good. The film is expected to hit theaters August 4th. Want to see the trailer yourself? Click the link below.

Anybody else ready for this as much as I am?

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Deer Hunter 2016 Hack Review

From Hunter 2014, we now have the most recent Deer Hunter sport launch for Android and iOS platforms; Deer Hunter 2016. Deer Hunter 2016 premiered 2015 getting an entire new gaming experience and features. Within this sport, you-go out to look across the finest gambling areas all over the world from Alaska to Zimbabwe when you follow awards. It is possible to search several big game pets as you avoid predators and uncover new areas in locations such as Tanzania’s vast wilderness. Take the creatures which seem as real on the screen while you ideal and test your abilities that are shooting. Accumulate as you assemble the best strategy on your shopping experience and modify your weapons.

Deer hunter 2016 hack -

With your plus much more, Deer Hunter 2016 is certainly one of many most widely used activities across all units from Android, iPhone, iPad to iOS. However, you will must have deer hunter 2016 hack the overall game so that you can enjoy all of the gains such as endless platinum, hunter bucks, infinite energy, infinite ammo, added rapid topic speed and instant refill. This calls for you to use the Deer Hunter 2016 Hack tool repair and to modify your game for Android or iOS units. A device such as Deer Hunter 2016 Coach is straightforward to-use and demands you to follow some basic steps to discover every one of the silver, ammunition and vitality.

When using Deer Hunter 2016 teacher, follow these actions to be able to get infinite electricity platinum, ammo and hunter dollars and other game changes. You’ll not require what you ought to do and root or to jailbreak your product, only follow the installation actions.


· Join your android to your computer using a Hardware, where the game documents are located within your system storage, and locate

· After accessing the Deer Hunter 2016 crack instrument, run it in your computer to put in

· Open the compromise device and select iOS or your gaming software and then click the Device’’ option that is “Detect

· await some moments, a matter of seconds or a while whilst the compromise device validates and finds your gaming software and also the related files and knowledge to your Deer Hunter 2016 recreation

· then enter the total amount you desire and Verify the bins close to everything you want for example silver and hunter bucks. You are able to put to optimum number of resources. Moreover, you can stimulate added mods for example faster round pace, unlimited ammo and immediate reload by checking the boxes comparable to each of them.

After that you can goahead to start coughing by clicking the switch · when you enter the individual levels of gold and rogue dollars

· Wait because the Deer Hunter 2016 compromise resource finalizes modification and the patching of the game

· Remove your product in the computer

· Open the Deer Hunter 2016 game app to check on perhaps the crack has included silver, ammunition and energy as you had thought

· Enjoy by getting all kinds of ammunition, your gambling knowledge you desire including from the Pro Shop. As for certain guns, to be able to obtain them you’ll must attain the mandatory regions.

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‘The Flash’ Costume Has Been Unveiled

The full costume for the spin off series The Flash, has been revealed.


The new series is starring Grant Gustin, the star from Glee. Gustin will be taking on the role as the lighting fast DC super hero.

The revealed photo is of Gustin in track race position. There is lightening in the background which is dark. Not sure if this costume is going to go over well fans. It’s a much darker red then usual. There also isn’t any sight of the gold/yellow colored boots or gloves. Not to mention, the pose Gustin is in doesn’t help either. He doesn’t look very comfortable. I wasn’t too fond of the new Superman costume either. It feels like they are making the essence of the heroes really dark with these color choices.

Digital Spy reported that executive producer Greg Berlanti said that the series will have “more of a sci-fi bent” than the parent series. The show is currently filming.

The show will also star Tom Cavanagh Danielle Panabaker and Jesse L Martin. For more on the scoop, click the link for the full article.

Does anyone else feel weird about the costume?

Ryse: Son of Rome Review (Minimal Spoilers)

When I saw the E3 trailer back in 2011 for Ryse, I was a bit miffed. I loved the concept as I have a special place in my heart for roman culture and history. But I was depressed that I would never play the game because it was a Kinect title. When I saw that they were bringing back the title at E3 2013, my heart soared. But as we all saw from the demo, the game was filled with quick time events which in the gaming community is a big no no.


But to put it simply, Ryse; Son of Rome is not nearly as bad as what other critics have claimed it to be. It’s better than many games I have played for 360, but just misses the bar of a must have exclusive.

Many complained that the plot was too predictable, and for the most part that is true. One key aspect revealed by your father in the second act is a big giveaway towards the future plot. But the story delivery overall ran much like a Call of Duty campaign as it is a giant flashback and smaller moments of the memory are revealed in exposition to fill in the gaps. The ending of the game however reminded me of the Assassin’s Creed series. That the immediate story is wrapped up, but I get the feeling of a ultimate story beginning to unfold.

(With the competition between GOLD and FROST, I get the sense we may get a series travelling through historical time periods in their cosmic bet.)



After hearing much complaining by reviewers that the game was too easy, I set my game to Centurion mode (Hard) and found myself dying a bit and having to experience the excruciatingly long load screens. If you are adept to skilled with the Arkham series fighting mechanic, you will feel right at home with one exception (A is Counter). The focus is largely on combat and it isnt about how hard it is to take down one enemy, its getting your combo as high as possible and earning as much XP/Health/Focus/Damage Bonus possible. At times I felt limited in what I could do as sections in the game are either you doing combat, on a mounted crossbow, or commanding your men (my personal favorite sequences)

The boss fights all play out almost exactly like the Batman Arkham Origins fight with Deathstroke, you have free will to some extent but there are a few quick time events for finishers and part way finishers. Its still fun and very satisfying to finish off a boss, but not without a bit of handholding

A- Counter


X- Sword Attack (Hold for Heavy Attack)

Y- Shield Bash (Hold for Heavy Shield Attack)

LT- Aim (For Pila)

RT- Shoot Pila

RB- Burning Eagle mode



The graphics in the game are truly the best of the next gen. With seamless integration between cinematics and gameplay, I was utterly impressed. Top notch stuff from Crytek, the one’s who set the benchmark for graphics in the industry.


The multiplayer isn’t really an adversarial PvP kind of multiplayer. Its a 2 person co-op bout in the Coliseum against hordes of barbarians. They set up scenarios such as saving captives, killing traitors, defending a point in the arena. But for the most part its satisfying to have your gladiator stab a man in the stomach and for your partner to come over and decapitate him for the crowd to roar in approval.

To level up, you have to complete rounds in the arena and use the gold you earn to buy booster packs of different degrees to hopefully get something good. But with no reward for leveling up other than more gold, I see no point. It would of been much for addicting if there were tangible rewards for leveling up such as better gear or a free booster pack

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review: A Sequel That Feels like A Sequel

Now, most people were hoping for a new Metroid game from Retro Studios, and when Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was revealed, there were fans who were disappointed. Whether you asked Retro Studios for a new Donkey Kong game or not, you got one anyway, and with it, you also got a great platformer to add to your small collection of Wii U games, seeing as though you don’t have much to play (I kid). Tropical Freeze may not add anything entirely new to the table, but it is one of those games that does actually feel like a sequel rather than the same old, same old, like some other games, such as the New Super Mario Bros. series.


Like in most Nintendo games (more specifically, games in the Mario universe), or games where characters are mostly mute, there isn’t too much of a story. Donkey Kong and friends are kicked off of their island by a group called The Snowmads, a gang of walruses, penguins, and even owls for some odd reason, dressed like vikings, and it’s up to Donkey Kong and his sidekicks to journey through 6 islands and take back their home.

The controls can be simple for the most part. When you start the game, you have the options to switch them up. If you’re playing with the gamepad, I would recommend you set the controls to where you use the X and Y button to do a roll attack, and the ZL and ZR buttons to dash, and pick up items. You’ll automatically use the A and B buttons to jump. Also, the L and R buttons are used for Kong POW attacks, which acts as a special move, but you can only use it when you have Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky Kong with you.

dkctf-spot1The gameplay for the most part is pretty simplistic. Make it to the end of each stage, just like how you do in most 2D platformers. Of course, this wouldn’t be a real Donkey Kong Country game without any the core elements, such as riding in mine carts, vine swinging, and of course, blasting out of barrel cannons. Also, in some stages, you get to ride Rambi the Rhino around and smash anything in your way. KONG letters are also featured in this game as well, and they are scattered throughout each stage, as well as hidden bonus rounds. Puzzle pieces from DKC Returns make a comeback as well. Of course collecting the KONG letter and puzzle pieces is completely optional. Most of the puzzle pieces and bonus rounds are very well hidden. If you’re aiming to find all of the puzzle pieces, you’re going to need some help from Squawk the Parrot who’s services can be bought at Funky Kong’s shop. Also, like in DKC Returns, if you can manage to get all of the KONG letters in each stage, some surprises await. If you did this in Donkey Kong Country Returns, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out where I’m going with this.

Not only does Diddy Kong return who can help you glide for a short period of time with his jetpack, but you can also use Dixie Kong who not only helps you glide, but gives you a bit more altitude, and Cranky Kong, who you can use his cane to bounce on like a pogo stick. If you ask me, you’ll probably end up enjoying using Dixie Kong more than Diddy, or Cranky Kong.

Tropical Freeze starts off pretty easy at first, but like most other Nintendo games, especially the ones that seem kiddy, they’ll get progressively harder, and more frustrating as you go along. In other words, you may die at least 20 times in one stage. Fortunately, Funky Kong will sell you lives if you have enough banana coins, and from what I’ve played it was way to easy to get banana coins, not to mention, for some reason, by the time I was at world 3, I had at least over 60 lives, and that was without buying any from Funky Kong. This game gets extremely difficult, the boss fights probably being the the most difficult part of the game of all, but if you’re skillful enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bound to get a game over.

I wouldn’t sleep on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze if I were you. This is a very fun and challenging game, and is well worth adding to your Wii U library. It may look and feel the same as Donkey Kong Country Returns, but it also feels like a true sequel. One thing I will say is this: if Retro Studios does make a new Donkey Kong game, hopefully it will be a 3D platformer, like Donkey Kong 64 because I can’t see the excitement in another 2D side scrolling Donkey Kong game unless it’s on a handheld.

Tearaway Review: The Creativity This Game Has To Offer

From Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Plannet comes Tearaway, a colorful, paper mache styled platformer that utilizes most if not all of the PlayStation Vita’s features, yes including the PS Vita camera. If you are looking for something to play on the Vita, this game is worth giving a shot.

My face posted as a research subject in the game.

Tearaway Review: The Creativity This Game Has To Offer

I wouldn’t say there’s too much of a story but basically you’re playing as a messenger while you (yes you, the person reading this review) are also being portrayed as the sun (as you’re holding the your PlayStation Vita, your face will appear as it is in cutscenes that feature the sun) and the goal of the messenger is is to deliver itself to the sun. Along the way, you do encounter scraps, which serve as the enemies of the game, characters to talk to, help out, and even a pig to ride along through one of the levels. Nothing very complex about the story at all but very much enjoyable.

The gameplay is mostly straight forward: just get through the level and onto the next. At first you don’t start off with very many skills, but as the game progresses they will be unlocked (you won’t learn to jump until the second chapter). The game makes constant use of he PlayStation’s features which I’ll talk about in a second. There is a lot to do if you’re looking for more of a challenge. By taking elements from other platformers such as Spyro the Dragon, the first Jak and Daxter and such, completing stages 100 percent requires you to collect a certain number of confetti pieces scattered through the level, find hidden presents, perform certain task for various characters you come across, and more. These things aren’t a requirement unless you’re going for the platinum trophy. Controls are pretty simple and easy that doesn’t take any effort to learn. Just jump by pressing X, turn into a ball and roll around by holding circle (when you unlock this of course), pull out your camera by pressing triangle. Some of the controls also utilize the PS Vita’s features which I’ll talk about next.b0c16a6a0542f1557059b63565045f1f

This game spews creativity in a lot of ways. From utilizing the features of the PS Vita, to the art style. Like I said at the beginning, the game is all paper mache styled. Even in small details, such as water to snowflakes the game will look as if the world is made of paper. This works well in the game as there are even segments in the game in which you can decorate and customize the messenger as well as other characters. In chapter 5, you even design how the snowflakes that will fall as you traverse a snowy mountain. Throughout the game you’ll encounter panels that act as jump pads when you tap the back touch pad on your PS Vita, and also when you see objects that have finger print marks in the game, it indicates that you have to touch said object on the Vita’s touchscreen to progress. A lot of these features will be used for puzzle solving and platforming at certain points. Nevertheless you’ll still likely enjoy the creativity that the game has to offer.

By using the confetti pieces you collect along the way you can use them to buy parts for more customization options

Really the only flaw of this game is that it maybe short as there are only 14 stages in the game. Nevertheless Tearaway is a fun, creative and enjoyable platformer which I would highly recommend for anyone who either likes platformers, owns a PS Vita, or likes to see creativity in games rather than playing some gray-tinted military shooters. I think it would be neat to see if Media Molecule could do an adaption for the PS4 in the future.

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