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Are you an avid fan of Clash of Clans? Than you should know that gems are a real problem in Supercell games, this is why Clash royale hack was designed. From the makers of Clash of Clans comes the newest Clash Royale. It is a multi-player online strategy game featuring your favorite Clash of Clan characters- the Royales. As a newly developed and released mobile video game on iOS and android phones and gadgets, Clash Royale has already made it to the top ten both on Google play and on App Store. In fact it has remained on top since its first release and became the top downloaded and top earning application on iOS App Store. It was given a remarkable 4.5 star review from its gamers. Its publisher, Supercell has once again proven they are a monster that is hard to beat when it comes to mobile gamingcompanies. Read more in this article about Clash royale hack.


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Clash Royale is just a simple strategically planned game that is cool and fun to play with. Get chests to unravel rewards; gold and gems. Free chest only contains few gold coins, only 4 cards and rarely releases gems. Upgraded chest are earned by winning battles. For a silver chest, you need 3 hours to unlock or you need 18 gems for a 20-95 gold coins depending on level with only 3-11 cars. For a golden chest, it takes 8 hours to unlock or you need 48 gems for 70-304 gold coins depending on level with only 10-38 cards which can be common, rare or epic.

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A giant chest takes 12 hours or 72 gems before it can be unlocked for 550-2,470 gold coins with 80-304 cards. A magical chest can be unlocked for 12 hours or 72 gems for a 250-950 gold coins and 30-113 cards. While a super magical chest requires 24 hours or 144 gems to unlock with only 1,200-5,700 gold coins and 180-684 cards. The number of gold and cards increase only when you go up your level while playing. Gems are used to purchase gold. Gold is needed to upgrade your deck and conquest your enemies. This is difficult to achieve, right? It takes a lot of time and needs a lot of effort before you can step up and function at your best. In a few minutes you can get the wished amount of gems or gold with clash royale hack.

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